Come train with us at Nocturnal Designz

Come train with us! Nocturnal Designz has developed our volunteer program as part of our vision to introduce new artists to a live work environment.  The volunteers will get to experience first hand working in a shop on skills they have learned in their school curriculum, and pick up new skills and work ethics that can be of value to them when they go out to apply for jobs. 

In the past 3 years we have been hosting students in our shop to help us with our overstock and pickup work.

The students benefit from gaining hands on experience with methods and techniques that are learnt in class giving them the opportunity to improve and refine their skills as well as new materials and methods that they do not learn in class.

Another benefit is having a transition from school environment into a work environment teaching them to work in a team and answer to a higher standard and quality control of a company.


We love educating and giving students a platform to excel and develop their skills.

We believe that the generation in training is the future of the industry and we are proud to help them create a strong make-up community based on friendship, equality and above all respecting the craft. Come and join us!

come, Nocturnal Designz